Benefits of Choosing Dental Veneers

We are pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services at Pro Solutions Dental Group to help you address unwanted tooth imperfections and achieve your dream smile. Below we have highlighted a few of the benefits that can be gained by receiving dental veneers. Dental veneers very thin shells... Read more »

Dentures Can Help You Regain Your Smile after Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a severe infection in the gum tissues typically resulting from poor dental hygiene and the presence of hardened tartar. Advanced periodontal disease is referred to as periodontitis, and it is known to create infected pockets along the tooth roots, leading to a loss of bone structure and... Read more »

Recognize Bruxism by Knowing Its Symptoms

Did you know that teeth grinding has a medical term known as bruxism? The nature of bruxism is an unconscious act that usually occurs while the patient is sleeping. The risk factor for this behavior can include a bad bite, stress, the use of alcohol and tobacco and sleep apnea.... Read more »

Avoid Oral Trauma Before It Occurs

Each member of our team at Pro Solutions Dental Group is committed to helping our patients maintain excellent oral health. First, we highly encourage regular and effective oral hygiene habits to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as protecting your smile from harm. We offer... Read more »

I spent the morning with Sandy at AZTV

Just in case you missed me on Sandy and Friends, I recently discussed new technology for dentistry and ways this can make your experience more enjoyable. I’ve been invited back again next month.... I'll try to give you a heads up so you can watch live! .

What is Blocking Your White Smile?

Do you wish you had a brighter, whiter smile, but are unsure how to go about achieving it? Daily dental habits go along way in maintaining pink gums and healthy tooth enamel, which means that brushing and flossing daily, along with professional cleanings, can help you maintain a beautiful smile.... Read more »

New dental technologies continue to improve diagnoses and treatments

This article was originally published in the Daily Courier. Dental problems haven’t changed over time, but the technologies used to diagnose and treat them have revolutionized the dental office and patient care. Following below are some of the innovative ways that the field of dentistry is helping dental care providers... Read more »

Mounting a Dental Bridge on Implants for Multiple Tooth Restoration

When tooth decay is left untreated, it has the potential to spread to various other teeth in your smile. Procrastinating professional dental care could result in advanced cavities and even the loss of multiple teeth. Our team at Pro Solutions Dental Group can replace several missing teeth by placing a... Read more »

The Restorative Options of Dental Implants

When dental implants became recognized as part of the dental care industry about twenty years ago, they were originally considered only for single teeth as a means to restore the full function and appearance of a tooth that has been removed or lost. As dental implant technology has advanced over... Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Again With Custom Dentures

If you have suffered oral health complications as a result of advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease, your dental problems could extend beyond poor dental health to include decreased oral function. The development of damaged teeth or tooth loss may prevent you from speaking or chewing properly and can rob... Read more »