Times are Changing in Dentistry

The year 2020 proved to us all that the world is quickly changing. The field of dentistry has embraced and thrived during these ever-evolving times, and has become one of the leaders in innovation as we all adapt and grow. Practices have begun to make many necessary and advanced additions... Read more »

Get Care Virtually From Home! Don’t Wait to Get the Oral Health Care You Need!

The Covid-19 global crisis has changed the way that individuals receive access to healthcare. While, many businesses have conducted business via teleconference for years, receiving dental care virtually from the comfort of your home is new and innovative. While this may be different than what most are accustomed to, Pro... Read more »

Pro Solutions Dental Group Launches Teledentistry to Help During COVID-19…

Pro Solutions Dental Group is proud to offer state-of-the art TeleDentistry Virtual Appointments! TeleDental online consultations are a convenient way for you to get dental care quickly from our highly specialized dental team. Teledentistry can also be a great option for those with questions about an upcoming procedure, emergencies such... Read more »

I am new to the area and am seeking a new dentist. Why would your practice be a good fit for me?

Choosing a new dental team can be a daunting experience for many patients. Whether you relocated from out of town or are seeking a change, it is no easy task to find the perfect practice for you and your family. When selecting a dental office, it is imperative for individuals... Read more »

How Could You Possibly Know What I Am Going Through? You Are The Dentist, Not The Patient.

Often patients head to the dental office and receive the devastating news that there is a detriment in their mouth that needs a complex reconstruction to be restored. Upon receiving this information, they may feel remorse and frustration and think to themselves, this dentist has no clue what I am... Read more »

I do not have dental insurance. Is this common? Does this make receiving oral health care unattainable?

I receive this question from many of the patients I see on a regular basis; and I understand the concern. Patients come in and they have pain or receive the news they need a solution for a missing or damaged tooth. We sit together for a meeting in my office,... Read more »

Do You Have a Fear of the Dentist? Get Care Comfortably Before the End of The Year!

Does taking a trip to the dentist cause you immense anxiety or anguish? You are not alone! Many patients that sit in my dental chair struggle with a fear of dental work. I wish patients knew that dental procedures do not have to be as daunting as they used to... Read more »

My Dentist Told Me I Need A Root Canal. What Exactly Does That Mean?

Sometimes as a dentist I have to deliver unfortunate news to my patients sitting in the dental chair. Often I tell individuals that they are in need of a root canal. It is common for most to be unsure of what a root canal procedure is, the purpose, the recovery,... Read more »

Dental Visits Make Me Nervous, How Can I Have A More Pleasant Experience?

Recently, I had a patient in my dental chair who relocated to another state but continues care at my office. He struggles with a fear of dental work and we have helped him manage his anxiety throughout the years. I asked him after his visit, why he continued care with... Read more »

Enjoy Mother’s Day with a Healthy Smile

This is the month where we recognize our mothers for all their efforts and take the opportunity to thank them for all they have done, which may also include them teaching us how to brush and floss. As a mother, your oral health is important to both you and your... Read more »