At Pro Solutions Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care that takes into account not only your oral health, but also your overall wellbeing. In addition to providing general dentistry, we are pleased to offer advanced treatment for biofunctional disorders to ensure that you can receive the high-quality, personalized dental care that you need.

Biofunctional disorders occur when biomechanical interactions of the mouth (including the teeth, soft tissues, and jawbone) result in pain in the head and neck. These biomechanical problems sometimes occur in conjunction with underlying medical conditions, resulting in deterioration of the teeth, gums, jawbone and TMJ (temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint) caused by acidity and inflammation. Dr. Jason Campbell has completed significant research in biofunctional disorders and their treatment, and he is dedicated to providing the care you need for effective, long-lasting solutions. Our dentists will work in collaboration with other medical and dental professionals as needed to coordinate your care to ensure that every part of your condition is properly treated.

Drs. Jason Campbell, Rick Farnsworth and Mitchell Grimmer are experienced in providing advanced reconstructive treatment plans to patients faced with dental demise or terminal dentition due to biofunctional disorders. If you have experienced tooth damage, excessive tooth wear, tooth erosion, soft tissue damage, tooth loss, or other types of serious dental problems, or if you suffer from frequent migraine headaches, neck pain, or facial pain, we encourage you to contact our office today at 928-776-1208 and learn more about how we can treat biofunctional disorders in Prescott, Arizona. We are dedicated to helping you achieve improved oral and overall health.