Many dental offices can now draw and use a person’s own blood to help promote healing for certain procedures. A simple blood draw is performed prior to your surgery. The blood drawn is then placed into an in-office centrifuge and is spun down to harvest immune cells. While in the centrifuge, the blood will disperse into three distinct layers:  the red blood cell (RBC) layer, Acellular Plasma Layer, and the Platelet Rich Fibrin layer. The RBC and Acellular Plasma layer are discarded, and the Platelet Rich Fibrin Layer is collected to be placed at the surgical site. Growth factors and white blood cells are harvested from the PRF, which is formed into a membrane and placed at the surgical site. These biological properties have shown to be very helpful with bone and soft tissue regeneration. It can be used alone or has been shown effective with bone grafting and the maturation and growth of bone. There are many benefits to utilizing PRF during dental procedures such as:

  • Faster healing time with implant placement and other dental surgeries
  • Bone Integration is quicker and stronger with implant placement
  • Less swelling and pain after a procedure
  • Higher success rates with procedures involving natural bone grafting
  • Decrease in dry sockets and increased blood supply after extractions
  • Protects the surgical site from infection

The PRF process is a simple and natural way for dentists to help accelerate the healing process, reduce discomfort, and increase success rate after a dental procedure. Contact Pro Solutions Dental Group today to learn more about PRF or to schedule your appointment with us today at 928-776-1208.