This regenerative therapy is typically used for root and bone exposure from gum recession. It is minimally invasive, requires little down time, and can provide less pain than other treatments available. There is a misconception that gum recession therapy will be very painful or time consuming, but thanks to Non-Invasive Micro-Surgery Generation, the whole treatment process has changed. A local anesthetic is given, and absolutely no general anesthesia is needed! This procedure only uses one incision, and the dentist tunnels through this area with specialized tools. The patient’s own tissue is then placed over the receded or exposed area. Often, collagen will be placed through the incision as well to fill in the area and increase thickness and height of the gum. There are many advantages to Non-Invasive Micro-Surgery Generation, but one of the main one is not having to use a patient’s tissue. This alleviates some of the pain that a patient would have experienced during and after the surgery and makes healing faster and easier. Contact Pro Solutions Dental Group today to learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Jason Campbell or Dr. Rick Farnsworth. We would love to discuss if Non-Invasive Micro-Surgery Generation is the right option for you. Call: 928-776-1208!