If you need to replace multiple teeth, our dentists at Pro Solutions Dental Group may recommend implant-supported dentures. These beautiful, natural-looking restorations bring a stable, beautiful smile back to your face without the expense of replacing a full arch of teeth with multiple single-tooth dental implants. Please call us at 928-776-1208 to learn more about implant-supported dentures in Prescott, Arizona, and to make your appointment with DDrs. Jason Campbell, Rick Farnsworth and Mitchell Grimmer.

For patients who are missing several or all of their teeth in one or both of their dental arches, our dentists may recommend that you receive implant-supported dentures to restore your smile. Also called implant-retained dentures, this treatment combines dental implants with traditional dentures to create a more stable, durable, and natural-looking dental restoration. Instead of having removable dentures that become lose or worn over time, implant-supported dentures are anchored into place with dental implants, so you can go throughout your life speaking, eating, and smiling with confidence.

Implant-supported dentures are a great option for patients who already have removable dentures but experience “floating” dentures, or ill-fitted dentures. Such situations can make it difficult to eat or speak without worrying that your dentures will fall out. Implant-supported dentures are also great for those who have lost most of their teeth in one or both dental arches, or those who have lost all of their teeth, due to poor oral health, gum disease, trauma, or other circumstances.

When performing an implant-supported denture treatment, our dentists will first place the dental implants into your jawbone. Dental implants are titanium screws that mimic your natural tooth’s roots. Not only do dental implants preserve your tooth’s location in the jawbone, but they provide a stable anchor for your dentures. The number of dental implants that our dentists will place depends on your specific needs; however, our dentists typically place four to six dental implants. Once your dental implants have been placed, you will have a healing period for the implants to integrate with your jawbone. After this healing period, our dentists will create a customized denture restoration that replicates the appearance of your natural teeth. Your dentures are then attached to the top of your implant post, sitting securely in place.

Once an implant-supported denture treatment is complete, patients can experience a more natural-like dental restoration. Your dentures can feel, look, and function more like your natural teeth than any other restoration. If you would like to know more about implant-supported dentures in Prescott, Arizona, we invite you to contact our dental office today. We look forward to caring for your smile!