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Patients often become nervous when a problematic situation arises with their teeth. It can be very overwhelming to know which option being presented is the best solution functionally, economically and for your lifestyle. Dental technology and capabilities have progressed a lot but as a dentist, it has always been my strong opinion to save teeth when it makes sense, because nature is best. Therefore, if the tooth/teeth in question can be saved or protected, it is often the best long-term solution. However, I know that it can be difficult to maneuver all the options available to you and so I would like to share some factors to keep in mind before undergoing dental reconstruction or surgery. 

The More Conservative Financial Solution May Cost More Down the Road. It can be appealing to move forward with the most economical solution presented during your dental consultation. However, just because an option is budget-friendly, does not necessarily mean that this decision will save you money in the future. A conservative approach to dentistry is relative. For example, it may be the most cost-efficient option to place a filling on a tooth. However, if a filling under-supports and the tooth fractures, it could result in tooth loss. If the tooth is unsalvageable, an implant solution could potentially be 4x more expensive than had a crown been placed at the right time rather than patching it. If saving the natural tooth is an option, this will often be the most economical and comfortable solution long-term! 

Work Together with a Dental Team. Your trusted dental team is there to educate you, answer any questions you have, and to advocate the best option for your personalized needs. Ask any questions that you may have and explore with your provider what the pros and cons are to each option being presented. Work together to find the solution that has a central focus of saving teeth if possible, utilizing dental implants or other replacement options only if preservation of the tooth is not possible. 

Get a Second Opinion. It may be wise to receive second opinions before major dental reconstruction or procedures. This ensures that you are receiving multiple professional perspectives on the case, as well as receiving all the possible solutions available to you. This also allows you the opportunity to find the practice that is the best fit for you.

Do What is Best for the Tooth. It has always been my personal philosophy to focus on the right tooth, with the right solution, at the right time. This allows for the patient to preserve their natural tooth when possible, only utilizing replacement options as a last resort. The advances and technologies of dentistry are awesome; but alternatives to natural teeth are just alternatives, nature is best. However, if your teeth are not salvageable, rest assured that there are many solutions that will still provide you with efficiency while chewing, and a beautiful and functional smile. 

It is crucial that patients are presented all their options for a problematic tooth and receive education on the importance of saving natural teeth when possible. There is a time and place for tooth replacements such as dental implants or bridges, however what is best for the patient’s smile and personalized needs always should be taken into consideration. At Pro Solutions Dental Group, it is our mission to advocate for our patient’s personalized care needs and present all options that are available to you in a welcoming environment. Our proficient and proactive care team makes it a priority to save teeth when possible, giving you the most economical and practical long-term solution. Call us today at: 928-776-1208 to make an appointment, schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility, or get a second opinion. Visit us online to view all our services or to schedule a virtual TeleDentistry consultation with one of our providers. We are always accepting new patients and emergencies and are even open on Friday! We cannot wait to welcome you to the Pro Solutions family!