New dental technologies continue to improve diagnoses and treatments

This article was originally published in the Daily Courier. Dental problems haven’t changed over time, but the technologies used to diagnose and treat them have revolutionized the dental office and patient care. Following below are some of the innovative ways that the field of dentistry is helping dental care providers... Read more »

Mounting a Dental Bridge on Implants for Multiple Tooth Restoration

When tooth decay is left untreated, it has the potential to spread to various other teeth in your smile. Procrastinating professional dental care could result in advanced cavities and even the loss of multiple teeth. Our team at Pro Solutions Dental Group can replace several missing teeth by placing a... Read more »

The Restorative Options of Dental Implants

When dental implants became recognized as part of the dental care industry about twenty years ago, they were originally considered only for single teeth as a means to restore the full function and appearance of a tooth that has been removed or lost. As dental implant technology has advanced over... Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Again With Custom Dentures

If you have suffered oral health complications as a result of advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease, your dental problems could extend beyond poor dental health to include decreased oral function. The development of damaged teeth or tooth loss may prevent you from speaking or chewing properly and can rob... Read more »

Dental Abscesses: What You Need to Know

Originally published in the Daily Courier In 2007, a 12-year-old died after bacteria from a tooth abscess traveled to the child’s brain. In 2009, a 24-year-old died when he was unable to get antibiotics for a tooth that had an abscess. Dental abscesses are a growing problem nationwide, resulting in... Read more »

Recognizing the Presence of a Cavity

The development of a cavity can cause several serious dental problems, and if it is not addressed and treated in a timely fashion, a cavity could lead to the need for root canal treatment. We encourage you to have a cavity filled as soon as you notice its presence. While... Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Smile Needs

The potential of cosmetic dentistry goes beyond a few treatments that strengthen or clean your teeth teeth. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses the services that are intended to enhance the appearance and quality of your smile to help you enjoy greater self-esteem and confidence. If you would like to enhance your smile... Read more »

A New Smile or a New Year

This article was originally published in the Daily Courier. Have you noticed that your teeth are becoming crooked or crowded as you age? Do you find it becoming more difficult to keep them clean or notice yourself covering your mouth when smiling? If so, you’re not alone. Some people think... Read more »

Which Form of Restorative Dentistry Is Right for Your Mouth?

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, it’s important to receive restorative dentistry, but do you know which type of dental restoration is right for your mouth? Dr. Jason Campbell offers tooth restoration therapies to repair a variety of dental ailments, regardless of how much damage has been done... Read more »

The Basics of Dental Bridges

If you have experienced tooth loss, you no doubt have noticed that some of your simple daily tasks became much more difficult. For example, it is much harder chew comfortable and pronounce certain sounds with missing teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Jason Campbell can restore your smile with a state-of-the-art dental bridge... Read more »