When you receive implant-supported dentures from our dental office, Drs. Jason Campbell, Rick Farnsworth and Mitchell Grimmer often provide your treatment using mini dental implants, which are smaller and thinner than regular dental implants. While mini dental implants are smaller in size, they are just as strong and durable as traditional dental implants. To learn more about mini dental implants in Prescott, Arizona, and to schedule your consultation with our dentists at Pro Solutions Dental Group, call us today at 928-776-1208.

Mini dental implants are simply that: a dental implant that is thinner and smaller than a traditional dental implant. While traditional dental implants may seem more ideal for some treatments, mini dental implants are often used as an anchor for dental restorations, such as dentures or bridges. Combining dental implants with dental restorations results in a more stable, durable, and functional restoration. Many patients find that implant-retained dental restorations provide a more natural-looking replacement than other restoration options.

Mini dental implants can often provide a less-invasive than traditional dental implants simply because of their smaller size. Mini dental implants offer several other benefits, including:

  • Mini dental implants offer a less-invasive treatment process, which results in a more comfortable and less painful treatment, as well as shorter healing time.
  • Less expensive than traditional dental implants
  • For some treatments, our dentists can place your mini dental implants and attach your dentures or bridge in the same day, which results in a faster treatment and minimal waiting time
  • When used to anchor a dental restoration, such as dentures, patients can experience a greater ability to speak, eat, and smile naturally

Like traditional dental implants, mini dental implants are an excellent option for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth. Mini dental implants help prevent bone loss, which ultimately helps you maintain your natural face structure and shape. If you would like to learn more about mini dental implants in Prescott, Arizona, we invite you to contact us today and set up your appointment with our dentists.