If you are going to have a surgical procedure you may want to consider the benefits of A-PRF or i-PRF. These are two procedures that can help assist you in the healing process of your next dental surgery. PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin and the methods we use are advanced platelet-rich fibrin and injectable platelet-rich fibrin. That means there are two ways of applying these procedures, but either has multiple benefits once applied. These methods can assist in healing hard or soft tissue, preventing a dry socket, preventing infection, less pain after, and reducing swelling. All of this can lead to a faster, more enjoyable recovery process.

How it is done is simple. It’s achieved through taking some of the patients’ blood prior to the necessary work which is then spun in a low-speed centrifuge. This creates a membrane through the separation from red blood cells and plasma. In the plasma there is also white blood cells and platelets, both also help with the healing process. After that comes the application process. With A-PRF that separated plasma membrane is placed onto the surgical wound for healing purposes, while i-PRF injects the plasma using a needle.

These processes can be useful in many dental situations. They can be used to help with extractions, implants, or any dental surgical procedure you need. PRF will help your body with healing which includes, but is not limited to, reduction of pain, swelling, and infection. See if either of these forms of PRF are right for your next procedure by calling today for more information!