Pro Solutions Dental Group provides prosthodontic procedures in Prescott, Arizona, for patients who need to restore any teeth or oral tissue. With prosthodontics, Drs. Jason Campbell, Rick Farnsworth and Mitchell Grimmer can help replace damaged teeth and renew damaged tissue to keep your smile in optimum health. Depending on your dental needs, our dentists will help find the treatment that is right for you. We invite you to contact us at 928-776-1208 for more information and to schedule your consultation today.

Our dentists use advanced prosthodontic technology and techniques to provide the best possible care, and the most accurate. In some cases, our dentists may team up with other specialists and dentists to find solutions to your specific dental problems and needs.

In prosthodontics, our dentists can replace missing teeth and restore damaged or irregular teeth. We can also tend to several other problems, such as:

  • Dental birth anomalies
  • Facial injury
  • Jaw joint problems, such as TMD
  • Tissue damage from oral cancer
  • Snoring

Depending on the purpose of your prosthodontic procedure and your restoration goals, our dentists may use different treatments, including dental bridges or crowns, dental implants, dentures, or cosmetic treatments. Prosthodontic procedures can be performed on patients of just about any age, treating both children and adults. If you would like to learn more about prosthodontics and how a prosthodontist can help your smile, we invite you to contact us today. We are always happy to help.