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Did you know that coffee, soda, tea, wine and berries can all stain your teeth? Whether you believe it or not, these foods and drinks can leave your teeth stained, and those stains can be very hard to remove once they’ve set into your teeth past your tooth enamel.

So are your teeth misshaped or stained? If so, you should consider dental veneers; they might be a great option for you. Put simply, veneers are porcelain dental shells that cover the face of teeth to improve their shapes and colors.

Let’s pretend a patient of Pro Solutions Dental Group has excessively stained or misshaped teeth. In a case like this, our dentist, Dr. Jason Campbell, might suggest restoring the affected teeth with dental veneers. As part of the installation of the veneers, Dr. Jason Campbell will shave away a tiny bit of enamel from the faces of the teeth to be veneered. The consequent grooves will make texture sufficient for bonding the veneers, which the dentist will then place with a dental glue.

The finished product of the installation is a restored exterior of the teeth and lovely smile for the patient. If you live in the Prescott, Arizona, area and have stained or misshaped teeth, please call us immediately at 928-776-1208 to plan a discussion about veneers. We can’t wait to hear from you!