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Pro Solutions Dental Group is proud to offer state-of-the art TeleDentistry Virtual Appointments! TeleDental online consultations are a convenient way for you to get dental care quickly from our highly specialized dental team. Teledentistry can also be a great option for those with questions about an upcoming procedure, emergencies such as the Covid-19 crisis, receiving a second opinion, follow-up communication or for an oral health care assessment. TeleDental virtual appointments are available same day and can easily be scheduled and accessed from any smart phone, PC or Mac Computer. Not only do TeleDentistry appointments provide a safe way for you to receive dental care from anywhere you choose, they can also be used for the following:

• Cosmetic Consultations: TeleDentistry appointments can be used to meet virtually with your dentist to discuss options for cosmetic procedures such as: dental veneers, smile makeovers, and full mouth reconstructions. TeleDental consultations allow you to receive an evaluation of your goals with cosmetic dentistry, learn options that would be right for you, schedule upcoming appointments, follow-up appointments post procedure and to ask questions about upcoming procedures.

• Emergency Consultations: TeleDentistry is used during emergency situations like Covid-19, where access to care might be limited, but also for other emergency situations as well such as evaluating tooth pain, swelling, cracks, serious injury and other immediate oral health concerns. Receive expert advice and potentially necessary antibiotics if an infection appears to be present. Use the TeleDental consultations to deal with emergencies fast and get the care you need now!

• Reconstructive Consultations: TeleDentistry can be a great option for receiving more information and evaluations for options for missing teeth such as: dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, denture supported implants and more. Discuss with your dentist what the best fit would be for you, how best to move forward, financing, follow-up and more.

• General Dentistry Consultations: Tele-Dentistry is a great virtual tool to ask your care team general dentistry questions, get concerns addressed, ask for a second opinion, or put your mind at ease

Don’t wait to receive the care you need today! Tele-Dental Consultations are an excellent option to receive economical and proactive dental care with a highly trained and professional team. Same day virtual appointments are available. The platform meets all national security standards and is HIPAA, GDPR and PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant. Put your mind at ease, we have your back with Tele-Dental Virtual Consultations! Call our office to speak directly to a provider or make an appointment at: 928-776-1208 or follow this link to easily schedule an appointment online: