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When tooth decay is left untreated, it has the potential to spread to various other teeth in your smile. Procrastinating professional dental care could result in advanced cavities and even the loss of multiple teeth. Our team at Pro Solutions Dental Group can replace several missing teeth by placing a dental bridge over dental implants.

If you have remnants of remaining teeth in the tooth sockets, our dentists may need to remove these bits of tooth and treat the risk of infection with antibiotics. The occurrence of a decrease in the underlying bone structure as a result of tooth loss may require a bone graft to increase bone density enough for the placement of dental implants.

After addressing these structural concerns, our dentists can begin the process of placing the dental implants. In a single outpatient procedure, we can often place the implant abutments in the bone, which is accessed through the gum tissue. This procedure is often performed under deep sedation for your comfort, and the lingering effects of the sedative will require you to arrange to be picked up by a friend or family member at the end of your appointment.

We utilize titanium for the abutments because its biologically safe nature protects your oral health, and it can fuse to the natural tissue of the jawbones to form an anchor that feels as supportive as a natural tooth root. Following a healing period for your gums and jawbone, we can place a custom-made dental bridge on the dental implants to fill the gap in your smile.

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