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Getting dentures for the first time can be a adjustment. When Drs. Cambell and Farnsworth recommends dentures in Prescott, Arizona, it is to restore the beauty and functionality of your smile. However, they take some getting used to. In order to prepare you for this change, here are some commonly asked questions about dentures.

What do new dentures feel like?
Your dentures may feel a little strange or loose for a few weeks. Over time, the muscles of the cheeks and tongue will learn to keep them in place.

Will I look different with dentures?
Your new dentures will be designed to look like natural teeth, so there will only be a small change in your appearance. Your dentures can even improve the appearance of your smile and fill out your face.

Will dentures make eating difficult?
Eating with dentures takes some practice and may be uncomfortable for a few weeks. The best way to get used to eating with new dentures is to start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew your food slowly using both sides of your mouth. As you become accustomed to your dentures, add other foods until you reach a normal diet. Be careful with foods that are hot, hard, sharp-edged, or sticky.

Will dentures change how I speak?
When you start wearing your new dentures, you may have a hard time pronouncing certain words. If this is the case, practice saying the difficult words out loud. With practice, you will get used to speaking properly with dentures. If your dentures click while you talk, contact our dentists. Your dentures may sometimes slip when you laugh, cough, or smile. To reposition them, gently bite down and swallow.

Are dentures worn 24 hours a day?
Our dentist will give instructions as to how long you should wear your dentures and when to remove them. For the first several days, you may be asked to wear your dentures all of the time, including during sleep. This is the quickest way to identify areas on the denture that may need adjustment. After adjustments have been made to your dentures, you should remove your dentures before going to bed.

If you have any other questions, our dentists will be happy to assist you. We invite you to contact Pro Solutions Dental Group at 928-776-1208 today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.