TMJ is something that effects many of our patients so here at Pro Solutions Dental Group we want to make sure we do we all we can to help. For those who are struggling with TMJ symptoms i-PRF may be able to help. I-PRF stands for injectable platelet-rich fibrin. This is a process that consists of drawing some of the patients’ blood then at a low-speed using a centrifuge, separating the red blood platelets from the plasma. In plasma separation there is also white blood cells and platelets, both that also help with the healing process. This section is then taken into a syringe to be injected back into the patients joints to assist with some of the problems which may arise with this condition.

Through bringing that plasma back into the body so precisely with a needle, it can be targeted to help certain areas such as joints. This process can assist with the regeneration of muscle and bone, the loss of joint mobility, lessening the pain, and reduction of inflammation. All of this is done through putting the plasma back, which in turn can help with many if not all of those symptoms. The separation of plasma from red blood cells helps us to assure the best repair method for the damaged tissue and bone.

This is just one of the ways that our office is able to bring some of the comfort back into those struggling with TMJ. I-PNF can help to reduce the constant pain and prevent it from returning, this being another way that this procedure can help you live a life without consistent TMJ discomfort. Please call us at 928-776-1208 or come into our office in Prescott, Arizona, to learn more and find out if this is what’s right for you.