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The year 2020 proved to us all that the world is quickly changing. The field of dentistry has embraced and thrived during these ever-evolving times, and has become one of the leaders in innovation as we all adapt and grow. Practices have begun to make many necessary and advanced additions to give patients a safer and more comfortable experience during visits. At Pro Solutions Dental Group, we have always had the mission of providing proficient, proactive, and precise care. I understand that modifications need to take place to give the community the highest quality care possible. Our practice is making and will continue to take state-of-the art strides to provide the community with the best possible care over the course of 2021 and 2022. I would love to share some of these changes with you!

  • Creating a More Progressive Dental Practice: The field of dentistry historically is one of the first fields to provide groundbreaking tools that maintain a clean and secure environment for patients. Our office is researching what is new and available to build our office into a more progressive practice. We are in the beginning stages of finding and securing a new facility to increase our capacity to begin to serve more patients. With this new space, we are planning to install the most advanced filtration systems available in operatories, improve security on the methods in which patient information is stored, increase sanitation measures and tools, among other innovative changes.
  • Providing High Quality Emergent Care: Our office has learned a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the importance of making emergency care a priority. Our staff has continually attended trainings during this time to keep up to date with providing emergency care for complex cases. We have plans to increase the professional development of our staff to keep up with emerging dental concerns. Our office will improve our current online TeleDental Portal to create more availability for online emergency and other appointments and consultations. We will increase our lines of communication to the public, making it even easier for patients to reach us when they need us most.
  • Increasing training for Complex Care: The team at Pro Solutions Dental Group is continually undergoing training to stay up to date with the technology in dentistry. We are planning many educational events this year to stay up to date on the best approaches to managing complex care. Our office also plans to hire more support staff to increase lines of communication available to the public, and to be able to increase the number of patients we serve.
  • Continuity of Care: With times changing and busy schedules, it becomes more convenient for patients to be able to get as much dental work as possible completed at one office. Our practice plans to make changes towards providing more services and procedures in house. We value the variety of dental groups and specialists in town, and appreciate the commitment and service they provide to the area. However, we would like to provide solutions for those that wish to complete as much of their dental work as possible with the same office. Our office is working towards this goal, with hopes to provide expanded services in the next eighteen months.
  • Commitment to the Community of Prescott: I have been providing dental services in Prescott for almost 20 years. I love this beautiful city and have a commitment to providing high quality and state-of- the art dental services to the area. I would love to expand the services provided to patients as well as increase capacity to ensure more individuals are able to get the care that they need. It has always been my philosophy to find optimal solutions to save teeth first! With the modern advances and practical changes, we are striving to create at Pro Solutions, I would love to continue to provide the community with a trusted and safe place to continue to receive dental care.

We are in the process of finding a new state-of-the-art facility to better meet the needs of our current patient base and of the quad-city area! We are embracing the changing times, and look forward to the new and exciting opportunities that we can provide the area! In the meantime, if you are looking for a new dental office to call home, we would love for you to tour our state-of-the-art facility and meet our friendly staff! Call us today to make an appointment! 928-776-1208 or visit us online at:!