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We live in a very health-conscious society and many individuals are avidly striving to avoid the on-set of conditions that can disrupt a healthy lifestyle. Often, I encounter proactive patients that are concerned about a possible link between chronic illness and receiving dental procedures. However, the answer to this question is very complex. Each patient that sits in my dental chair is unique; and has their own medical history and individualized needs. It is possible that some dental procedures and dental materials such as: silver fillings, root canals, bonding agents, titanium root implants, dental anesthetic, etc. can cause a negative reaction for some but they can also have no effect on many others. There are no easy answers to inquiries like this. However, I would love to provide some insight on choosing the right dental care provider for you if you believe you have sensitivities to dental procedures.

1. Find a quality care provider that listens to your concerns. When choosing a dentist, it is imperative you find a provider that is understanding and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of different allergies, sensitivities to medications, metals, or foods, digestive concerns, previous or current cancer treatments you are receiving, etc. A thorough dental provider will listen, provide educational feedback, and base your treatment plan around your concerns the best they can.
2. Be careful of blanket statements. Misleading or unsubstantiated information can circulate from individuals or news sources that may have good intentions, however, can be inaccurate or contain false claims. Not every patient has the same health history or the same medical and dental needs. When searching for a dentist, it is key to find an office that focuses on creating individualized care plans, takes into consideration your health needs and concerns, is considerate of your financial limitations, while also not treating you like you’re just another number.
3. Be wary of fear campaigning. It is important to do your research on health topics that you are concerned about. Be wary of the latest trends, articles, and videos discussing dental procedures and chronic health conditions, as they may not always have your best interest at heart. Work closely with a trusted health care provider and dentist to ensure you are receiving accurate information and to find care plans that are right for you. While some people do have sensitivities, dental products and procedures are tested for the average individual and one dental material or product is not wrong for all. It is important to take this into consideration to find one of the many beneficial solutions dental treatments can provide you!
4. Receive a second opinion! Before choosing a dentist, take the time to research the office. Ask if the staff can give you a tour, look at online reviews, meet the staff/dentist, check out the website, ensure the office philosophes and principles are aligned with your goals and needs! Never hesitate to receive a second opinion on certain procedures or large cases especially if you have health concerns or sensitivities. In some cases, there may be a more natural approach for you with new advances like regenerative treatments becoming more readily available.

Remember that there is no “one size fits all” treatment plan when it comes to dentistry. We are all different and what negatively affects one person may not be an issue for thousands of others. Therefore, it is important to find a medical and dental provider you trust that can put your worries at ease. At Pro Solutions, our focus is to cater to the unique needs of an adult patient population. Our medical approach to dental care is to reach patients that are experiencing complex health and dental issues and provide the upmost care. Take advantage of our “Chronic Care Consultation” if you suffer from chronic disease and want to rule out dental work or treatments as the cause. This consultation provides 3D imaging and a thorough tooth by tooth Pro Solutions offers many dental services to accommodate you such as: restorative dentistry, regenerative services, cosmetic cases, general dentistry, TMJD and migraine headache treatments, dental implants and other missing teeth options, sedation dentistry, and much more. Join Dr. Campbell for his upcoming FREE presentations: February 21st: “Effects of Aging, Illness & Medication on your Oral Health.” Located at: Las Fuentas Senior Living 1035 Scott Dr, Prescott at 12:00pm. RSVP Debbie at: 928-778-3747. April 11: “Save the Tooth with Regenerative Dentistry.” Located at: Prescott Lakes Clubhouse 315 E. Smoketree Lane Prescott. 6:00pm. Light Appetizers and Drinks Will be served. RSVP at: 928-776-1208.