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If you have experienced tooth loss, you no doubt have noticed that some of your simple daily tasks became much more difficult. For example, it is much harder chew comfortable and pronounce certain sounds with missing teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Jason Campbell can restore your smile with a state-of-the-art dental bridge and is pleased to provide you with the basics of this dental appliance.

Traditional dental bridges are anchored to your smile by your natural teeth and are designed to match the appearance of these teeth. If your mouth does not have sufficient healthy teeth remaining, we may attach your appliance to a dental implant for a secure restoration.

Typically, a dental bridge is designed to replace as many as three consecutive teeth, with a dental crown on each end to anchor the bridge to the surrounding teeth.

If you feel a dental bridge is the proper dental restoration for your smile, you may need to have the appliance placed in two visits to Pro Solutions Dental Group. During your initial visit, we will gauge whether your mouth is fit to support a dental bridge. We may place a temporary dental bridge at this time to protect the area of tooth loss. At your second appointment, our skilled dentist will cement your permanent dental bridge in place.

With your new bridge in place, your smile should feel and look natural once more, as a dental bridge will help you to eat properly and speak regularly again.

If you would like to learn more about dental bridges in Prescott, Arizona, and how they can restore your smile, we invite you to give our office a call at 928-776-1208 today. We would be happy to help you schedule a consultation to discuss your tooth replacement options.