Membership Plan

You Have a Choice in your dental plan

At Pro Solution Dental Group our philosophy is to provide proficient, proactive, and precise dental care in a safe, and state-of-the art facility. Our specialized care team is passionate about creating opportunities for our patients and the community to receive quality dental care. We are happy to offer the Dental Solutions Membership plan to the uninsured. An innovative and cost-effective solution that opens more doors to accessing care, may eliminate some of the pitfalls that are often experienced with dental insurance, and allows you and your family to receive the dental services you need!

Membership Plan Advantages:

  • No Annual Maximum or Cap on Dental Services.
  • Receive Quality and Specialized Dental Care from the Pro Solutions Team!
  • No unexpected changes, and patients will always be able to receive dental care with us!
  • No Waiting Period, Limitations on Care, or Dictations about What Is and Isn’t Covered
  • Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Receive the Dental Care You and Your Family Need
  • All Non-Insured Patients Qualify for the Dental Solutions Membership Plan!