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Choosing a new dental team can be a daunting experience for many patients. Whether you relocated from out of town or are seeking a change, it is no easy task to find the perfect practice for you and your family. When selecting a dental office, it is imperative for individuals to feel heard and actively included during the care plan process. It is also crucial that the dental team listens proactively to all patient concerns and goals, focuses strongly on preventative measures, and that the patient feels comfortable and safe at all times. I would love to share with you the philosophies I have for my office and dental team and hope that they can help you when deciding upon a new dental office to call home, wherever that may be!

1.) Prevention is the Key to Optimal Oral Health: In order to keep your smile healthy, it is imperative to find a dental office that places a strong emphasis on prevention. Unforeseeable circumstances can occur in the mouth from time to time. However, with the right dental team, state of the art technology, proper patient education and positive daily habits many dental concerns can be avoided. My advice for discovering if an office is a good fit for you is to schedule an office tour before you commit to an appointment. Find out what the protocol is for new patients and if there is a heavy emphasis on education and prevention. Ask about the dental technology used on site and how often it is utilized. Research the website and find out which services they offer, this could save you from having to go to numerous specialty offices if an issue does arise! Don’t be afraid to ask for extra treatments that may be offered such as fluoride treatments, TMJ therapy, or CT scans that can potentially catch or solve problems early.

2.) Seek a Dental Team That Works on Your Behalf: An exceptional dental office values you as a patient and provides an environment of trust and comfort. Each and every team member you interact with plays a dynamic role in your overall patient experience. From the front office coordinators, to the hygiene team and assistants, it is essential to find a team that goes above and beyond to give you the best possible care! A thorough dental team acts as your oral care advisor, advocates for your well-being, works with your busy schedule to find an accommodating appointment, verifies your insurance and benefits coverage, and makes you feel at ease with their professionalism, expertise, and friendly demeanor.

3.) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions: It is normal to not have prior knowledge about certain dental procedures and treatments before an appointment. That is why it is key to choose a proficient and precise dental team to answer any questions you have in a supportive environment. During your consultation with the dentist, inquire about all the options available to you. Take time to think about specific concerns or questions you may have. Call the dentist or set up a follow-up appointment if necessary. Take all the time you need to decide if a procedure is the right fit your budget and lifestyle. Seek a second opinion if needed. Your smile is very important to your overall health and well-being, so finding out all the details is crucial to making the right decision for you.

4.) Practice Consistency: Once you find the perfect dental provider, it is imperative to practice the proper measures to obtaining optimal oral health. Dentists are striving to preserve the longevity of your natural teeth, gums and bone structure. Maintain your routine cleanings appointments, exams, X-rays, and other preventative measures. Practice healthy habits at home daily to keep your teeth strong and healthy! By listening to the advice of an educated dental team, this could potentially save thousands of dollars down the road!

Finding the right dental team that fits your personalized needs can take some time, exploration and dedication. I would love for you to call Pro Solutions Dental Group your new home! My team is highly trained, professional, and strives to provide an exceptional patient experience in a comfortable and state-of-the art facility. We believe in a patient centered philosophy that places your personalized dental needs first. I am a strong advocate for treating each and every patient that walks through the door like my own family member! I invite you to call and schedule a tour of our beautiful facility and meet the friendly team. We are always accepting new patients and emergencies and are even open on Friday! We would love to schedule you for an appointment at: 928-776-1208. Take advantage of our new patient special of $39.99 which includes a new patient exam and bite wing X-rays. Visit us online at:! We can’t wait to meet you!