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The Covid-19 global crisis has changed the way that individuals receive access to healthcare. While, many businesses have conducted business via teleconference for years, receiving dental care virtually from the comfort of your home is new and innovative. While this may be different than what most are accustomed to, Pro Solutions Dental Group: Offices of Jason C. Campbell is providing answers to your dental concerns when access to care may be challenging. Our practice has launched a virtual TeleDentistry portal for oral health consultations and emergencies. Minimize your risk and consult with our highly specialized care team from the comfort of your home. Help us prevent emergency room overload, by keeping dental concerns in the dental field.

Pro Solutions Dental Group: Offices of Jason C. Campbell has always been ahead of the curve with the dental technology and services that we provide. We wanted to continue to be able to provide state-of-the art, proficient and accessible dental services to the area during Covid-19. However, TeleDentistry also opens many doors for us to provide cost-effective, convenient and efficient dental appointments for our patients in the future. TeleDentistry is a great option for those with questions about upcoming procedures, receiving a second opinion, follow-up communication, or an oral health care assessment. It also can be used for numerous consultations such as: cosmetic procedures and reconstructions, dental implant, bridge, or denture evaluations, and emergency situations. Scheduling your TeleDental consultation is easy and can be accessed from most smart phones or computer (PC or Mac). Same Day Appointments are available! Visit our website to get to the TeleDentistry portal: Speak directly to a provider at: 928-776-1208 or text us at: 71430.

Pro Solutions Dental Group Needs Your Help: Dentistry is very hands on and has extremely close contact with patients. We are asking our patients and community to please help us find N95 face masks so we can continue to provide essential care to the community. Reach out to anyone that you know that may have access to and can help supply N95 facemasks (medical providers, carpenters, contractors, landscapers, etc.). Lack of N95 face masks and other protective equipment could limit our ability to treat emergencies. Anyone willing to help or that has suggestions please contact our office at: 928-776-1208 or text us at: 71430. Please help us spread the word, we want to assist the community with their dental needs as long as possible. Help us, help you!!

Our care team is here for you at this time, please spread the word to your friends and family that Pro Solutions Dental Group: Offices of Jason C. Campbell is offering virtual consultations via our TeleDentistry portal! We are love our community and want to help out in any way that we can! Call us: 928-776 1208 with questions or concerns or visit: