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If you have suffered oral health complications as a result of advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease, your dental problems could extend beyond poor dental health to include decreased oral function. The development of damaged teeth or tooth loss may prevent you from speaking or chewing properly and can rob you of your quality of life. One of your options for correcting compromised teeth is to be fitted with a set of custom-made dentures.

Dr. Jason Campbell may recommend dentures if your smile is lacking its full function or has developed an unflattering appearance, and having this appliance placed can keep your smile in great shape for many years. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss or compromised teeth, you can receive a single arch appliance to replace the upper or lower teeth or be fitted for a full set of dentures.

Any remaining teeth your mouth may need to be extracted first so that you can enjoy an optimal and firm fit for your dentures. Once these teeth have been removed, a detailed impression of your smile is submitted to the dental lab, where your permanent dentures are custom crafted with high-quality materials.

Along with the custom fit of the dentures, you may find that denture adhesive helps you to enjoy an even tighter seal from your dentures so that you don’t need to be concerned about any food particle or plaque buildup accumulating between the gums and the denture base.

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